Curry beef

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– Beef: 500g

– Curry powder: 10g

– Wine: 10g

– Tapioca flour: 25g

– Red radish: 150g

Cooking oil: 25g

– Onion, ginger and garlic, star anise, salt.


Step 1:

Beef cut into squares, 3cm side, to wash, peeled red radish cut into 3cm long slices.

Step 2:

Put the beef in, boil briefly, drain it, cook the red radish 60%, put it on a plate.

Continue, put the beef back into the pot for the second time.

Add water to cook for half an hour, skim off the foam on the surface, add curry powder, wine, salt, onions, ginger, garlic, stew almost cooked.

Add the red radish to the stew until cooked.

After that, we take out the beef, the juice in the pot adds enough spices. Add tapioca water to cook until thick, then pour over the beef. Thus, the dish is finished.

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