Sweet and sour fried pork ribs

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– Pork ribs with cartilage: 700g

– Tapioca flour: 20g

– Wheat flour: 200g

– Vinegar: 100ml

– Cooking oil: 150g

– Sugar: 50g

 – Dried onion: 10g

– Dried garlic: 10g

– Fish sauce, pepper, chili sauce, flower products, herbs, fresh onions, salt.


Step 1:

Pork ribs are washed, cut into short pieces 3-4cm, marinated with salt and pepper, then rolled with dry flour.

Step 2:

Heat oil, fry ribs until golden brown. Sliced ​​scallions, thinly sliced ​​onions, fried fragrant onions, garlic for the fried ribs, stir well, mix vinegar, sugar, chili sauce, fish sauce, pour in to boil, add the flour to the water and flower products, season just salty, sweet, sour, finally add sliced ​​onions.

Place pork ribs on plate, sprinkle with pepper, herbs, serve hot.

Finished Product Requirements:

Stir-fried ribs are light red, fragrant with pepper, sour, spicy, salty, sweet, sauce is just right, the amount of sauce covers the ribs.

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