Stir-Fried Beef Roll

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– Beef: 350g

– Cooking oil: 60g

– Dried onion: 20g

– Garlic: 10g

– Wine: 30ml

– Fish sauce, salt, pepper, lime leaves.


Step 1:

Onions, garlic peeled, smashed, chopped.

Lemon leaves washed, dried, thinly sliced.

Wash the meat, filter out the tendons and fibers, cut into thin slices across the grain, large.

Marinate a little fish sauce, pepper, cooking oil, wine and onions, garlic.

Step 2:

Put oil in a hot pan. Add onions and garlic to the pan, add the meat and cook on high heat, stir quickly, when the meat is cooked to taste, scoop it out.

Put the meat on a plate, sprinkle with pepper, lemon leaves on top, serve hot.

Finished Product Requirements:

The meat is cooked, not watery, soft, not chewy, rich in spices, fragrant with pepper, lemon leaves.


Stir-fried beef is easy to get a lot of water, tough to eat, so when stir-frying, it must be heated. You should let the oil be very hot, then add the meat and stir quickly, when it’s cooked, the meat will not be watery and soft.

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