Snowball meatballs

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– Lean pork: 1kg

– Pork fat: 200g

– Onions: 50g

– Chicken eggs: 1 egg

 – Bread: 200g

– Cooking oil: 200g

– Sugar: 5g

– Pepper: 3g

– Main noodles, salt.


Step 1:

Meat washed, drained, patted dry, filtered out the tendons and fibers, cut into large pieces, put in a mortar and pounded.

Pork fat diced into small pieces, thrust into the meat. Onion peeled, chopped. Mix meat, onion, sugar, pepper, salt, egg yolk.

Rub the cooking oil evenly in your hands and we will begin to shape the meatballs into small balls, roll them into the heart of the minced bread.

Step 2:

We start to heat the oil, drop the meat in and fry until golden brown, take it out to drain the fat, and eat it hot.

Finished Product Requirements:

The meat is golden straw, evenly shaped, round, beautiful, not broken, ripe, fragrant, attractive, natural sweetness, just eaten. Bread covered with meatballs.

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