Roasted ribs

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– Pork ribs: 500g

– Cooking oil: 20g

– Onions: 20g

 – Fish sauce, salt, pepper, sugar.


Step 1:

Wash pork ribs, cut into pieces about 2cm long.

Green onions are washed, thinly sliced, cut lengthwise and set aside.

Step 2:

Put the fat in a hot pan, add the onions and fry until fragrant, pour in the ribs and roast. Add salt and sugar to the island to infuse; Add fish sauce (just eaten) and a little water, stir well, cover, and simmer.

When the water dries up, add green onions and stir well, place on a plate, sprinkle pepper on top.

Finished Product Requirements:

The pork ribs are soft, salty and sweet, and the sauce is fragrant and fatty.


When cooking, cover the lid, remember to simmer, the ribs will be tender and seasoned.

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