Meat with tomato sauce

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– Lean minced meat: 200g

– Chicken eggs: 2 eggs

– Bell pepper: 50g

– Onions: 10g – Salt: 4g

– Ginger: 10g – Wine: 5g

– Oil: 150g

– Tomato sauce: 50g

– White sugar: 30g

– Tapioca flour: 100g

– Vinegar: 20g


Step 1:

Slice the minced meat into 1.5 cm squares. Sliced ​​scallions, thick slices of ginger, slightly flattened with a knife. Wash bell pepper, remove seeds and stalks, cut into triangles with sides 1.5cm long.

Crack eggs into a bowl, after whisking well, add 95g of tapioca starch and 3g of salt and stir to form a paste.

Step 2:

Heat a frying pan with hot fat, dip the cubed meat into the paste evenly, then drop it into the frying pan until it turns light golden. Wait for the oil pan to be 70% hot, then add the fried meat to the frying pan until it turns golden brown, take it out, drain off the oil. Put the capsicum in the frying oil.

Put the pot on the stove, put in the pot 10g of oil, onion, ginger, fragrant stir-fry, add ketchup to stir-fry, add about 200ml of water, season with salt, wine, vinegar, sugar, cook into a sweet and sour sauce.

When it is boiling, filter out the foam floating on the surface, pour in the fried meat, let it cook for about 5 minutes, wait for the water to thicken slightly, add bell pepper and stir fry together, cook until it becomes a thick sauce, then put into the plate.

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