Leek and Potato Frittata

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(Prep + Cook Time: 28 Minutes | Servings: 4)

2 gold potatoes; boiled, peeled and chopped.

1/4 cup whole milk
10 eggs; whisked
5 oz. fromage blanc; crumbled
2 tbsp. butter
2 leeks; sliced
Salt and black pepper to the taste
1. Lay down the pieces of bread on the work surface.

2. Butter should be evenly distributed, followed by tomato paste, garlic, and shredded cheese.

3. Bread slices should be added to your preheated air fryer and cooked for 8 minutes at 350 °F. For breakfast, divide among plates and eat.

Nutrition Facts (Per Serving): Calories: 271; Fat: 6; Fiber: 8; Carbs: 12; Protein: 6

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