Roasted ribs

Ingredient: – Pork ribs: 500g – Cooking oil: 20g – Onions: 20g  – Fish sauce, salt, pepper, sugar. Preparation: Step 1: Wash pork ribs, cut into pieces about 2cm long. Green onions are washed, thinly sliced, cut lengthwise and set aside. Step 2: Put the fat in a hot pan, add the onions and fry … Read more

Grilled lemongrass and chili pork ribs

Ingredients: – Pork ribs: 500g – Garlic: 10g – Lemongrass: 50g – Sugar, seasoning powder, salt, charcoal, fresh chili. Preparation: Step 1: Wash pork ribs, lengthwise 2 chestnuts, cut about 5cm long. Lemongrass, garlic, crushed chili. Marinate ribs with lemongrass, garlic, chili, seasoning powder, sugar for about an hour to infuse. Step 2: Grilled ribs … Read more

Barbecue (Simple – delicious and easy to make)

Ingredient: – Lean pork shoulder: 500g – Onion, garlic, fish sauce, ground pepper, cucumber, carrot, sharpened bamboo skewers, vinegar, sugar, chili – Seasoning seeds. Preparation: Step 1: The meat is washed, cut into bite-sized pieces, marinated with seasoning powder, chopped dried onions and garlic, ground pepper, let it sit for a while. Take the skewers … Read more

Snowball meatballs

Ingredient: – Lean pork: 1kg – Pork fat: 200g – Onions: 50g – Chicken eggs: 1 egg  – Bread: 200g – Cooking oil: 200g – Sugar: 5g – Pepper: 3g – Main noodles, salt. Preparation: Step 1: Meat washed, drained, patted dry, filtered out the tendons and fibers, cut into large pieces, put in a … Read more

Potato casserole

Ingredient: – Bacon: 500g – Potatoes: 200g – Salt: 10g – Soy sauce: 30g – Wine: 20g – Vinegar: 2g – MSG: 3g – Sugar: 20g – Green onions: 10g – Ginger: 10g – Oil: 150g Preparation Step 1: Cut the meat into 5cm squares; potatoes peeled, cut into pieces; scallions cut into small pieces, … Read more

Tomato stuffed with meat

Ingredient: – Lean pork shoulder: 500g – Water grease: 100g – Tomatoes: 10 large ones – Onions: 50g – Fish sauce: 30g – Coriander: 20g – Pepper: 1g Preparation Step 1: Wash tomatoes, cut in half, remove seeds. Scallions are washed, finely chopped, left for meat, washed, chopped, mixed with scallions and fish sauce. Step … Read more

Meat with tomato sauce

Ingredient: – Lean minced meat: 200g – Chicken eggs: 2 eggs – Bell pepper: 50g – Onions: 10g – Salt: 4g – Ginger: 10g – Wine: 5g – Oil: 150g – Tomato sauce: 50g – White sugar: 30g – Tapioca flour: 100g – Vinegar: 20g Preparation: Step 1: Slice the minced meat into 1.5 cm … Read more

Minced meat with peas

Ingredient: – Tenderloin: 200g – Peas: 200g – Dried onion: 50g – Seasoning powder, fish sauce, cooking oil. Preparation Step 1: Fresh peas are washed, boiled until soft, drained. If fresh peas are not available, canned beans can be substituted. Tenderloin washed, thinly sliced, minced marinated with two tablespoons of fish sauce. Dried onions, peeled … Read more

Tuna wrapped pork belly

Ingredients: – Tuna: 150g – Bacon: 100g – Green onions – Crispy flour: 1 spoon – Mustard: 4 tablespoons – Seasoning powder, cooking oil. Preparation: Step 1: Tuna to the whole piece, washed, marinated a little seasoning powder. Boil the onion leaves. Finely chop a slice of bacon, mix with cooking oil and mustard. Step … Read more

Braised pork with coconut milk

Ingredients: – Pork belly: 500g – Fish sauce, dried onions, soy sauce, main noodles, white sugar, canned coconut milk. Preparation: Step 1: – Preliminarily cleaned meat, cut squares of chess pieces. – Dried onion, washed and chopped. – Marinate pork with the mixture: 1.5 tablespoons of fish sauce, chopped dried onions, 1 tablespoon of soy … Read more