Davies' Chuck Wagon Diner was built  in 1957 


   The same year as other classics 

                                                                                                                                                                     1957 Chevy

Davies' is listed on the National Register for Historic Places !


Diners: For Decent Food At Modest Prices

Besides aging into a classic Colfax store, The Chuck Wagon Diner may well be one of the West's few representatives of an American Tradition.

In 1957, this fully equipped diner was brought from a New Jersey manufacturer. The diner, weighing 46 tons, was shipped to Colorado by rail and placed on its present basement foundation. Because of its great weight, it may be as far west as you will find a diner.

These prefabricated diners, having evolved from the horse drawn trolley cars, turned restaurants, are indigenous to the northeastern states. In 1950, there were an estimated 6,000 of these diners in existence. Now there are only about half that number and "shrinking at a clip."

In 1997, the National Historic Society inducted Davies' Chuck Wagon Diner into the National Historical Registry.

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